Completion Requirements:

The following requirements apply to students admitted to the Criminology and Sociolegal Studies specialist in 2018. Each course requirement is individual and cannot be used more than once. A course taken on a CR/NCR basis may not be used to satisfy program requirements.

Total FCEs: 11.0 of which 7.0 FCEs must be CRI courses (including 3.0 FCEs 300+level courses from Group A and 1.0 FCE 400-level from Group B) .

1. 2.0 FCEs from ECO/HIS/PHL/POL/PSY/SOC (any combination/level)
2. All of: CRI205H1, CRI210H1, CRI225H1, CRI335H1, CRI340H1, CRI343H1, CRI350H1
3. At least 2.5 FCEs from Group A
4. At least 1.0 FCE from Group B
5. Additional FCEs (excluding those already counted) from Groups A, B or C for a total of 11.0 FCEs
Note: Students may use a maximum of 1.0 Independent Study FCE and 1.0 Research Participation FCE towards their Criminology & Sociolegal Studies program.

Group A: CRI300H1/​ CRI364H1/​ CRI365H1/​ CRI370H1/​ CRI380H1/​ CRI383H1/​ CRI385H1/​ CRI390H1/​ CRI391H1/​ CRI392H1/​ CRI393H1/​ CRI394H1/​ CRI395H1/​ CRI396H1/​ CRI450H1

Group B: CRI415H1/​ CRI420H1/​ CRI422H1/​ CRI425H1/​ CRI427H1/​ CRI428H1/​ CRI429H1/​ CRI431H1/​ CRI435H1/​ CRI445H1/​ CRI480H1/​ CRI487H1/​ CRI490H1/​ CRI491H1/​ CRI498H1

Group C: ANT444Y/ HIS411H1/​ PHL271H1/​ PHL370H1/​ POL242Y/ PSY201H1/​ PSY202H1/​ PSY220H1/​ PSY240H1/​ PSY328H1/​ SOC205H1 / SOC212H1/​ SOC306Y/ SOC313H1/​ SOC315H1/​ SOC413H1/​ TRN412H1/​ CRI215H1/​ CRI389Y0

Note about non CRI courses:

  • Group C courses are offered by other departments. Registration in these courses may be available only to students who have completed specified prerequisites and/or are enrolled in a program sponsored by the department offering the course. Course enrolment conditions are listed in the Arts and Science timetable. Course descriptions, prerequisites, corequisites and exclusions are listed in the Calendar.
  • Students who have completed criminology/sociolegal type courses in the Faculty of Arts and Science that are not included in Group C may email the Program Coordinator to find out if the courses can be used towards the Group C program requirements.